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Liberate yourself from the pain of self imposed limitations and walk into your destiny.

Create Inner Peace Provides Technology to Advance our Individual and Collective Transition to a World of Peace, Justice, Freedom and Prosperity for All.

Our mission is to provide tools, services, and products that support our individual and collective transition to an open heart world, our timeless connection to our eternal, sacred being, and the universal attainment of our highest human destiny. Originally founded by Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD, Create Inner Peace serves the upliftment of humanity through education, science, and religion and promotes the co-creation of a world of prosperity and peace for all people now.

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Registration for Summer Classes is now open

Register Online for credit at Northern New Mexico College or

Dropiin at the GRD Health Center


Sikh Day at the New Mexico Legislature

New Mexico Legislature House of Representatives Opening on March 7, 2017

The Star Spangled Banner was sung by Sadasat Simran Singh, Guru Parkash Kaur, and Guru Sadhana Kaur and daughter.

Kundalini Yoga Relieves Stress and Builds Vitality

Dropin at the GRD Health Center or Register online at Northern New Mexico College Click here to register at Northern New Mexico College Available to everyone, Kundalini Yoga relieves the harmful effects of prolonged stress. and imparts principals that are effective for daily renewal and self regeneration with increased vitality and resiliency on a constant… Continue Reading

Easy Yoga You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

Try these simple postures and breathing techniques to give yourself a lift and the gift of knowing your own divine nature. Generate self-empowerment from within. Sitali means a cool breath. It is one of the cooling breaths that lower the fire energy principle called pitta that is associated with catabolic processes in the body. It… Continue Reading

Sacred Symbols of the Magi Numerology Reading

The Magi Calendar of Life The Ancient Order of the Magi preserved a calendar that was created in antiquity and is revealed to us in the science of the cards. Reading this calendar enables us to understand our own life’s path and the journey of our soul. We can tap into this calendar system to… Continue Reading