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Technology to Advance our Individual and Collective Transition to a World of Peace, Justice, Freedom and Prosperity for All.

Our mission is to provide tools, services, and products that support our individual and collective transition to an open heart world, our timeless connection to our eternal, sacred being, and the universal attainment of our highest human destiny. Founded by Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD, Create Inner Peace serves the upliftment of humanity through education, science, and religion and promotes the co-creation of a world of prosperity and peace for all people now.

Kundalini Yoga Classes at Northern NM College

Registration is Open for Spring

Visit Northern New Mexico College to register for credit online

Dropiin at the GRD Health Center

Stress Relief Yoga

Liberate yourself from self imposed limitations and walk into your destiny.

Relieve the harmful effects of prolonged stress and increase your resiliancy and endurance

Stress Relief Yoga technology imparts dynamic principals for daily renewing vitality. Deep relaxation at the cellular level promotes inner calm and increased energy flow for maximum vitality. Relieve deep stress, build your vitality. and experience a higher level of human functioning through aligning body, mind, and spirit.

Weight Loss Yoga

Core alignment technology to balance body, mind and spirit.

Dynamic yoga sets and meditation techniques tone your muscles, reduce stress, align your inner and outer being.

Core alignment technology balances body, mind and spirit. We gain weight when our inner and outer bodies are not aligned and balanced. Dynamic yoga sets and meditation techniques align your inner and outer being, tone your muscles, reduce stress,  and increase flexibility and vitality to your whole being.

Vanquish nervous eating and develop positive, ongoing lifestyle changes.

  • Energize the body
  • Relieve stress
  • Strengthen the nerves
  • Build stamina & resiliency
  • Boost the immune system.