Rise in Love Foundation


Inspired by the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga

The mission of The Rise in Love Foundation is to serve women of all walks of life and help them to transcend whatever life challenges they are facing. Community based, this program will combine diverse healing moralities and therapies, but all will be rooted in a holistic approach that promotes wholeness and spiritual well-being, while encouraging women to tap into a personal flow of growth and self empowerment in a setting of group consciousness, to help them achieve their potential.

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Visit the Rise in Love Foundation on Facebook

Every Woman is a Goddess

Wisdom for Women from Yogi Bhajan

“You must, in your own mind, understand that you are the keeper of your own grace, your own character, your own commitment, your own standard.”
“Woman is the molder.   You are the molder of time, space, and of man:  the man of tomorrow, the child; the man of today, the husband; and the men of yesterday; the ancestors.   The entire society, in theory and reality, is based on the spirit of woman.”
“I believe that so long as those born of women do not respect women, there shall be no peace on Earth.”
“I want women to be strong.  I am a believer that when a woman falls, generations fall; when a man falls, an individual falls.  Who is doing it to you?  WOMAN is doing to woman.  A woman who cannot defend her daughter, a woman who cannot defend her dignity, a woman who cannot defend her self -that is who is doing it.”
“Never trust that there is a limit to your compassion. Never trust that there is a limit to your kindness. Never trust that there is a limit to your capacity.”
“In a country where woman is insecure, she will give birth to insecure children, which will grow into insecure men and this will make the nation insecure. Security of the woman is the security of the nation.”
“To be very honest, if you want to assess society truthfully, woman is not considered to be a full citizen.  Even in marriage men normally do not feel it is a privilege to have a strong woman behind them.  Instead, they relate to her as a servant or a piece of property….  As long as humanity does not learn to respect the woman, there will be no peace on this Earth.  There will be war always.  In our society, woman is used as a tool of the advertising industry; her sexuality is exploited to sell…she is being exploited in millions of ways which she doesn’t even know about. The most graceful being on this planet is treated disgracefully as a playmate, as a sexual toy.  So, a woman can walk one of two roads:  the road of the chick or the road of the eagle… Your only saving factor is to put around yourself the strongest radiance as a woman.  Let nothing exploit you.”
“One thing every woman should know:  SHOW NO INSECURITY.  This is the key to royalty.”
“Only a woman with self-respect can produce saints, heroes, and givers.”
“You are the Grace of God.”
“Every woman is a goddess”
About Men and Women
“God has given you sixteen times more courage and more comprehensive biological physical strength than a man.  Have pity on this guy!  He doesn’t have all of your biochemical action, doesn’t have the mental lunar reflection, doesn’t have the sophistication and softness and doesn’t have the nervous system to deal with it, and he’s still alive!”

“You must understand that woman is much sharper then a male.  No woman needs counseling.  Her nature is to resist advice.  If you want to annoy a woman, counsel her.”

“She also gets more angry then a man.  A creature which can turn its blood to milk to nourish its offspring can do everything else also.  A child can make a man crazy in ten minutes and not disturb a woman in twenty hours.  The faculty of a woman also extends to mental and spiritual realms.  She has an inborn capacity to tackle everything.  She lives in the center of her being.”

“Life leaves imprints on a woman.  A lot of men try to use women as a toothpaste tube.  They want her to be available when they want her, and when they are tired of her they replace her with a new one.  A woman should understand her security before she indulges in relationships with men because all temporary relationships are very deeply imprinted on women. Men don’t have that faculty, they are not affected the same way.”

“You must win freedom and your right to be recognized as human.  You cannot be paid less than a man, you cannot be denied opportunities because you happen to be a woman.  I am not asking you to become tomboys, but I am telling you that the grace of woman demands to be treated nicely.  She is the better half.  If somebody opens the door for her it is no tragedy.  It is a male courtesy to his own grace…I am not asking you to become feminists, but to be very graceful, absolute women.”