Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga is a therapeutic yogic system that gives practitioners the ability to take control of our their own health and well being. Kundalini Yoga relieves the harmful effects of prolonged stress and imparts principals that are effective for daily renewal and self regeneration with increased vitality and resiliency on a constant basis. All illness or dis-ease is rooted in blocks to the flow of energy within our being. Postures, breath, and mantra (sound current) are the three components combined in Kundalini Yoga to impact the nervous system, glandular system, respiratory system, and digestive system to open the blocks and awaken the flow of our own healing energy within.

Based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga is one of the fastest ways to to heal ourselves to meet the changing times and heal our world. Expanding consciousness from individual to group to universal consciousness, we walk into our destiny, taking full responsibility and authority as human beings to co-create our world to serve the upliftment of all humanity. Kundalini Yoga classes are offered through Northern New Mexico College, Yoga Southwest, and Create Inner Peace. SuperHealth training offers proven, self-empowering technology to help us meet our addictions head-on and develop the dignity of self autonomy. We can liberate ourselves from living in a dependent state of mind and free ourselves to pursue our true potential and highest destiny. SuperHealth classes are offered through Northern New Mexico College and Specialized Certification Training in SuperHealth is offered through Create Inner Peace, in conjunction with SuperHealth.

Aquarian Teacher training provides certification as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga through KRI. Offered each year from September through May, in conjunction with Yoga Southwest and Yoga Santa Fe, this 220-hour course is taught one weekend a month, from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. Participants are able to continue with their life’s other responsibilities and obligations, while attaining this life-changing training, and gain powerful, transformational tools to serve the upliftment of humanity.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

The word “yoga” comes from an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit, and it literally means union. Kundalini refers to that which is coiled, literally, the curled hair of the beloved. The practice of Kundalini Yoga uncoils our vastness through the combination of yogic postures with special breathing techniques and sound-current meditation. It gives practitioners the gift of inner unity of body, mind, and spirit, and enables us to remain centered, calm, and focused, even in the face of severe challenges, so that we do not suffer from the stress of mental duality, leading to confusion and inner conflict. Ultimately, practitioners experience a union of individual consciousness with group consciousness and universal consciousness, and an awareness and sensitivity to the interdependence of our entire universe.

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While yogic traditions hold that our bodies are sacred, yoga is not a religion. Similar to the practice of martial arts disciplines, people of any faith or religion, or of no religion, may experience the healing benefits of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is one of many varieties of yoga, and it is considered to be the root yoga or mother yoga. Its practice helps us to access that coiled energy that we all hold within our being, and tap into those inner energy resources, releasing energy that we hold in tension in our body and mind. We often store tension as an unconscious reaction to stress and pressure in our lives. Kundalini Yoga triggers the release of tension or energy blocks that we store in our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and we thereby transform stressful tension to vitality, energy that heals and strengthens us.

kundalini yoga practiceKundalini Yoga is a powerful tool to build our health and radiance as human beings and assist our individual and collective transition to an open heart world.

Through postures, movement, sound current meditation, and awareness of the breath, we can experience our timeless connection to our eternal, sacred being.

When we take responsibility for our own healing, we empower ourselves to co-create a world of healing peace, radiance, and prosperity for all people now.

Experience Kundalini Yoga

There are literally thousands of different types of meditations for countless uses and purposes. We have included a few meditations here >>

It is recommended that you learn Kundalini Yoga from a certified instructor. You can find yoga and meditation classes offered through Create Inner Peace at Create Inner Peace/courses. Or, you can also log into our YouTube channel for video instruction of kundalini yoga classes. You can find Kundalini Classes nearest to you through KRI here.