Simple Yoga and Meditation

Easy Yoga and Meditation

The following examples demonstrate a few of the many benefits of yoga and meditation. You can also find out more about the Create Inner Peace DVD and Yoga Manual here >>

Watch Instruction on Spinal Flex: Core Kundalini Yoga Posture


Meditation to Handle Grave Situations

Meditation to handle grave situations

How to do this meditation:

Place the palms on the chest with the fingertips of each hand pointing toward each other. Eyes are 9/10th closed. Allow the body be free of tension.

Inhale five seconds, exhale five seconds, and suspend the breath out for fifteen seconds.


Rewires the circuitry of the brain
Balances the imbalances that occurred during childhood
Rewrites mental programming so the self can be reinvented

Meditation to Release Deep Inner Tension

Meditation to Relieve Deep Inner Tension

How to do this meditation

One-minute breath (20 seconds inhale, 20 seconds hold, 20 seconds exhale)


Brings the mind under control
Develops inner strength and ability to deal with pressure
Brings mental reconciliation
Stimulates awareness and opportunity to release fears and anxieties

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