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  1. A  Consultative Reading takes about an hour and a half and will consist of reading your destiny as it is written in your Magi Calendar as well as the energetic connections you have with key persons in your life. Following your reading you will receive a recording and written PDF of your reading.
    $165 – Cost for a Consultive Reading
  2. A Written PDF Reading will be delivered to you by e-mail and consists of your destiny as written in your Magi Calendar and your energetic connections with up the three persons in your left.
    $65 – Cost for a Written PDF Reading
MAGI CALENDAR DESTINY READING Our Soul’s Journey written in the Magi Calendar
Thousands of years ago the Magi Calendar was hidden in plain site in our common deck of 52 cards. It utilizes complex formulas and algorithms to mark time and enigmatic events in life, and the mystery of how to read this profound calendar have now been revealed. We can apply the formulas to read our individual calendars and discover the destiny of our soul and keys to achieving our highest potential. Spread in a numerical pattern on the day of our birth, the cards tell us our birth card or Soul Card and our planetary ruling card. The cards then move in a progression throughout our lives, based on calculations measuring the movement of the celestial bodies to mark time, and thus revealing the influences and opportunities and the challenges and gifts that we may claim in our lives.
The card science is based on the cosmic law that all matter has an impact on all other matter in the universe according to its frequency projection calculated by its size, density, speed and electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Thus the card science tells us  important information about our soul’s journey, our life’s purpose, and the impact of the energetic connections we share with others.
RELATIONSHIP CONNECTIONS READING Our Soul’s Energetic Connections With Others
The cards illuminate the energetic connections our souls’ share with others–be they romantic, spiritual, financial, karmic, teacher-student, or student-teacher, supportive or confrontational and adversarial.
This understanding gives you powerful insights about yourself and others and empowers you and your presence in your relationships, helping you to have a positive impact in your communications and  to serve and uplift the lives of people around you.