Science of the Cards

Spades are concerned with understanding life through work.

The science of the cards is a different kind of numerology. Illuminating your soul’s energetic connections with others, it is a lifetime calendar that maps your evolving potential and opportunities. You can gain a new depth of self understanding and insight about your energetic connections with the most important people in your life.

This methodology is based on a calendar system developed by the ancients and held in secret, protected by the ancient Order of the Magi, for thousands of years. Contained in the numbers and symbols on our common deck of 52 playing cards, the
intricate calculations in the card system accurately measure the movements of the celestial bodies in our universe, and the methodology has now been revealed to the world.

The system is presented according to the teachings of Robert Lee Camp, initiated by the Order of the Magi as a Grand Master, and derived from Thoth’s Sacred Game of 52. These 52 cards have long held the secrets of the ancient calendar of life for the earth and all of her children, and now the information is once again available to humankind.

The King of Hearts

Yogi Bhajan, PhD


He was born the King of Hearts, a master of love, family, and relationships. With the King of Diamonds as his planetary ruler, he was also a master of values and wealth, both spiritual and material.

Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card

Hearts are concerned with understanding life through relationships.

Our Birth Card is the most important symbol of our essential projection and represents our individualism and significance. Through our Birth Card we can discover many aspects of our personality, including our gifts and opportunities, as well as challenges and limitations, professional tendencies, hidden strengths, and much more.

The birth card is similar to the zodiac sun sign in astrology, but provides more specific information. All cards have both blessings and blessings in any given lifetime, and no one card is superior to any other.

Our Planetary Ruling Card contains information about our personality and characteristics that support our lifetime gifts, opportunities and potential. It is sometimes compared to our rising sign in the zodiac, but provides more detailed and specific information.

The Mystery of the Cards

Understanding our relationships, whether romantic, friends and family, or business and professional, is greatly enhanced using the knowledge contained within the cards. We can see what triggers our attraction or repulsion to different people and better understand how we can serve and elevate our circumstances and situations in every relationship.

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Request a Reading of your Magi Calendar

Through the ancient wisdom contained in the cards, we can tap into knowledge and technology that gives us insight into our life’s purpose, our soul’s journey, and our energetic connections with others.
This comprehensive system empowers our relationships by giving us knowledge about he energetic connections we have together, illuminating romantic, spiritual, and financial connections, and whether supportive or adversarial, teacher-student or student-teacher; and clarifying whether there is karma owed or karma due.

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