The Cards



Hearts are concerned with understanding life through relationshipsSpring time and youth:

Hearts are concerned with understanding life through relationships. People are most important in their lives. Love, family, creativity, emotions and youth are key heart words.


Clubs are concerned with understanding life through knowledge, wisdom, and teachingSummer and teens:

Clubs are concerned with understanding life through knowledge, wisdom, and teaching. Knowledge, logic, mental intuition, and education are key club words.


Autumn and adults:

Diamonds are concerned with understanding life through values. Acquiring worth, both material and spiritual are essential. Systems, evaluation, financial matters and business are key diamond words.


Winter and elders:

Spades are concerned with understanding life through work–spiritual and in the world. Transformation occurs when there is a balance with career and spirituality. Labor, health, wisdom and intuition are key spade words.


4 AcesYou are a leader, an initiator and a person with strong passions for those things represented by your suit. You can be a loner and are often impatient.

Relationships, communication and cooperation are essential in your soul pattern. You develop partnerships to achieve goals. You understand duality and are keen-minded.

You are extremely creative and love self-expression. You dislike routine and need a certain amount of variety. You like short trips. You express yourself best through the suit of your card. You can be indecisive and change your mind frequently.

4 four cardsYou are solid and grounded. You seek mental balance and satisfaction through teaching, especially related to your suit. You are strong minded and sometimes fixed and stubborn.

4 five cardsYou are a restless person and like changes, especially changes in whatever is represented by your suit. You enjoy travel and prefer new adventures over sinking roots or making commitments.

You are a peacemaker and seek stability and solidarity. You know the laws of karma and strive for justice in all situations. You are either very responsible or are learning about responsibility related to your suit.

You are a spiritual person, or will be a spiritual person. You have spiritual power within you. You get more from giving to others than receiving and could do great things in that regard. You can be very lucky, though attachments to the things represented by your suit may prove challenging.

4 eight cardsYou are a person of power, especially in your suit. You know you have this power and have a great responsibility to use it wisely. Be careful not to bully others around with it. You know how to get your way.

You are a universal person, one who can do lots of good for humanity, or at least large groups of people. You are a giver and your life is a sacrifice. You are in this life to complete many things, and some of these completions seem like losses, but they are freeing you to continue your journey forward.

You are a person of personal accomplishment and will be applauded by many for your work, achieving fame in some degree. Your work appeals to many and is or will be quite successful. You can be like the Ace, but you have more experience to turn your impatience into success.

You are youthful and creative and a member of the royal family. You are very smart and powerful and you love to play. Sometimes you can be immature and tricky. You are forever youthful.

You are a master of yourself over the things represented by your suit and you use them in service to others. You are a teacher and are here to nurture and help your children (in many forms.)

You are the master of your domain over your suit and demand recognition from others. You live by your own rules. You combine power with wisdom and experience for success.

If you were born on December 31, your birth card is the Joker–you are like the jester in the king’s court — and you have the power to play the role of any of the other cards in the deck